Photo-editing apps

Photo-editing apps

Photo-editing apps are so advanced these days that some people say there is no need to use professional retouching tools. Due to this trend that lets anyone edit photos on their smartphone, a generation of amateur image editors has spawned. Even some photographers who aren’t willing to hire a professional retoucher are among these so called do-it-yourself editors. It is probably so because photo-editors are available for free and quicker to use.Anyone with a smartphone can use editors to retouch a photo on the go.
Some people argue that mobile editors come close to match professional softwares such as Photoshop and Lightroom. So really why not to use them? But as for me, the same tools can’t be used for both editing personal photos for social networks, like Instagram, Pinterest etc. and promoting your business in photography.

Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t rely on editing smartphone softwares and give this work to a professional retoucher instead.

Experience. Retouches have professional training and they master their work over years, doing it on a daily basis. Their understanding of editing is deeper and thus the quality of the final product is incomparable better. They know how to produce a professional-looking photo, not an amateurish one.

Limited set of functions. As you know each application has its own set of special skills, so you should use a combination of a few different apps. When you switch between different apps mobile photo editors it doesn’t seem so comfortable anymore, right? Moreover, you need to be aware of expertise of each app, which in turn takes some time to memorize. In addition, no matter how many mobile photo editors you use, there are always things left, which are impossible to correct without a professional editing tool.

Time. I know you are enthusiastic to do retouching job on your own with the help of available editors. But be honest with yourself! if you save money, you lose time. Moreover there is a risk to lose quality as well. So despite your desire to give in to temptation of smartphone editors, it is not a wise decision in the long run. You will spend more time trying to juggle various apps to get a satisfying result. Hiring a professional retoucher is the most cost-effective way to create photos of high quality and save time to do your best in photography. A professional is able to do this work in a reasonable amount of time and in a much better way.

The result you want. I am sure, you think that improving a picture is quick and easy to do. And you are right. In case your aim is to share private photos with your friends who are not critical to quality, popular apps like FaceTune, Snapseed or VSCO is a great option. But if not, making a stunning photo without any flaws is impossible without professional retouching. Sometimes photo retouching may be straightforward, but in most cases it is pretty complicated. And when complexity comes into play, only good retouchers are able to change the smallest details hardly visible to an eye of an ordinary person.

Although smartphones are getting more and more powerful, providing us with great editing functions, adding filters won’t make your photos as stunning as a professional retouching will do. Without any doubt, professional editing tools are more flexible and precise which allows to make each detail perfect. Yes, editing apps are more affordable, but are they really worth your professionalism? Low-quality photos will definitely displease your clients and could decrease customer loyalty.

To sum up, if you run out of time and don’t meet deadlines, you can make quick and easy photo-fix as an exception, for sure, it will save you time and effort. But nobody does professional photo editing on a mobile phone just like how children go to school instead of learning things from Google. Personally I recommend not to sacrifice your reputation and make retouching in a professional way to satisfy the clients that you probably appreciate.

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