What is Retouching and Color Correction?

What is Retouching and Color Correction?

Retouching — changing the original image of the classical or digital methods.
We, unfortunately, are far from perfect. If you look closely, each of us can see a bunch of flaws. In real life and real communication, we do not notice these details, because this is how the human eye works. Usually, the eye takes in focus exactly what it is interesting to see — beautiful eyes, beautiful hair of the interlocutor, elegant charming smile, playful nose. The human brain tends to idealize everything, not paying attention to the little things. Perhaps because we see people in general, and not in parts. But, alas, this cannot be said about the camera. He sees all the details, all the roughness on the skin, every mole or pimple.

Considering non-retouched photos, many of us would be scared. Then retouch comes to help us.
Retouching helps to eliminate many flaws on the skin of the face and not only. Retouching will help eliminate unprofitable details of your figure. Also, retouching can remove a random crease on your dress, and you will be satisfied. This is not an easy process, which takes more time in all the preparation of photos. But believe me, it’s worth it.

Portraying retouching is skin cleaning, removal of unnecessary defects, lightening of some skin areas and intentional darkening of others. It is often necessary to emphasize some shadows, and sometimes to draw them again. It is very important that after retouching a person’s face does not turn into something porcelain similar to that of a Japanese geisha mask. Each photographer has his own vision and he has the right to do his job, as he sees it. If you give several photographers the same source file, then all the processing results will be completely different.
Blackout under the eyes of a little girl does not make the photo beautiful, but it can be easily corrected.

Small pimples, moles, bumps on the skin can be easily eliminated by classical methods by hand, which are beyond the power of automatic filters.

Retouching one photo can take hours of time. Yes indeed it is. However, there are various plug-ins to the program Adobe Photoshop, which allow you to do it very quickly. But, unfortunately, these plug-ins just make “porcelain faces — masks”, which were mentioned earlier. These programs eliminate the details in the image completely, leaving you in return a perfectly smooth and smooth face with no emotions. These programs in automatic mode cannot remove blemishes on the face and cannot correct some shadows. All that they can, in a good way, is to blur tones similar to skin color. At the same time the image loses sharpness and texture. Thus, many photographers do it manually, trying to preserve the texture. Therefore, such fine work requires such large sacrifices.

Color correction — making changes to the color of the original.
Color correction is not unimportant factor in the resulting photo. Original shots from professional cameras are mostly faded and very often they have to be brought to mind with the help of increased brightness, contrast and saturation. Adjusting the white balance also goes into color correction. Cameras can make mistakes by exposing the values ​​to some approximate average values ​​that are far from painting the picture. If shooting is done indoors, the light sources can give us the color temperature, which is determined in Kelvin. This temperature ranges from 2000K to 50000K. If the temperature is closer to 2000K, then the frame will be blue, and if on the contrary it is yellow.
Color correction is a very flexible process that can give a completely nondescript photo its own unique style that will be remembered by the viewer.

With a different white balance, the photo may look different.

With a different white balance, it can look different.

Photo tinting is often used to make photos older and focus on people, not the color of clothes.

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